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Muhyiddin: Why fear of PAS, there’s no ‘potong, potong’ incidents

NewsMuhyiddin: Why fear of PAS, there's no 'potong, potong' incidents

Speaking at a dinner with the Chinese community on 4 March, Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin had attempted to calm the Chinese’s fear of his party’s cooperation with PAS.

In the past, PAS had pushed hard for the implementation of the hudud law. While these laws are meant to be for the Muslims, Malaysians of other ethnicities and religions remained sceptical of its effects on them.

Muhyiddin also pointed out that PAS had been part of the government when he was the prime minister and asked if they ever heard of any “potong” incident, which is believed to be made about hudud which included amputating limbs as punishment.

“Some Chinese are afraid of PAS. Afraid of the ‘potong, potong, potong‘ story.”

“When I was the prime minister, PAS used to be under the coalition. There were 3 ministers from PAS. Now, there are also 3 ministers from PAS, and several other deputy ministers from PAS.”

“Have you heard them telling any story of ‘potong‘? There are no such incidents.” he said, adding that PAS understands the country’s multicultural make-up and they have to consider the Chinese, Malays, Indians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus.

The dinner was hosted and organised by Chinese business leaders amid campaigning for the Johor state election.

Source: Herald Malaysia

Muhyiddin said the depressed turnout rate among the Chinese voters in the Malacca state election had benefitted BN, which led to its landslide victory.

He also said he heard some from the Chinese community say they should tolerate BN’s corruption and return to the coalition’s fold for the sake of political stability as their businesses have been struggling due to instability.

“There are Chinese friends who have said that the Chinese, considering the difficulties, are thinking about returning to BN so that the problems will be solved.”

“I asked ‘you want to support BN?’. They said that Najib, it’s okay, let him steal a little bit. How can it be okay for him to steal a little? The others might also join him,” he said.

On 28 July 2020, Najib was convicted for 7 charges of abuse of power, criminal breach of trust and money laundering of about RM42 million belonging to SRC International Sdn Bhd.

During the Johor campaign, Najib promised to return Johoreans to the former “glory days”.

Watch the video of his speech here:

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