Thursday, February 2, 2023

M’sians slams BN entourage for waving coalition flag in front of bedridden patient to gain support

Social NewsM'sians slams BN entourage for waving coalition flag in front of bedridden...

With the Johor state election polling day nearing, the battle between the political parties intensifies with politicians going rounds to promote what they’ve done for the people.

Recently, a controversial photo of a Barisan Nasional (BN) entourage going on a house-to-house visit to campaign for the upcoming election has gone viral on social media with many criticising it for attempting a tasteless photo op.

The photo was shared by Twitter user @The_Mamu where it showed the group visiting a bedridden elderly woman while wearing the coalition’s uniform. As if that wasn’t enough, one of them even held and waved a BN flag right in front of her.

The user then questioned the need for the entourage to wave the BN flag in front of the bedridden patient in the caption of his tweet.

Netizens shared the same opinion with the user and many criticised the group for taking advantage of the bedridden patient for political purposes.

In addition, netizens called out the group for being tone-deaf by waving a BN flag during the home visit. Netizens even asked sarcastically if they think the flag would cure the bedridden patient after her seeing it.

Meanwhile, a netizen claimed that the photo with the man holding the BN flag was a photoshopped image. The netizen also shared another photo of the house visit where the flag wasn’t in the scene.

However, netizens ridiculed his claim and said that both photos were taken during the same house visit, but at different angles. They also said the photo shared by the netizen seems like to be taken after the man has waved the BN flag.

Another netizen also shared how the same man went on waving the flag around while they are on their house-to-house visits for the Johor election.

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