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Banner and flags for Johor state election caused unwanted accident, teenager suffered broken arms

Source: Facebook

The 15th Johor state election is just less than a week away and all political parties had been going around to run campaigns in a bid to gain the public’s support.

Apart from the campaigns, flags and banners were erected along the streets too. In the meantime, the battle of the flags intensifies especially when the polling date is near.

Unfortunately, these flags were placed without the consideration of the public’s safety and it had caused someone to be injured in an accident.

Source: Facebook

Recently, Facebook user Norazlina Abd Rahman share how her daughter got into an accident after a flag hit her while she was on her motorcycle.

“An unexpected accident. The flag raised in conjunction with the Johor state election got whisked around her neck.”

“We seldom hear cases like this. But that’s what happened to my daughter.”

“The installation of the flag without thinking about the safety of road users caused my daughter to get into an accident” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

Norazlina added that the flag that whisked around her neck during the accident had caused her to lose her balance and fall to the ground while she was riding on the road. She then had both her arms fractured, coupled with other injuries.

She added that a police report had been lodged after the incident.

In the post, Norazlina explained that the flag, which was almost 30 meters long, was subsequently taken down after the incident.

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