Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sick and can’t get out of bed? These telemedicine apps will connect you to a licensed doctor right away!

LifestyleSick and can't get out of bed? These telemedicine apps will connect...

The first thing that we will do when we fall sick is getting right away to the doctor.

However, what would you do if you are sick and weak and can barely get out of bed? It will not even be possible for you to drive to a hospital or even to ask someone to send you there when there’s a possibility of them catching whatever sickness you have, especially with COVID-19.

Thanks to telemedicine, we now have a life-changing service at affordable prices for you to get a professional consultation, medication delivery straight to your doorstep and even an MC for you to get a day off from work. 

Telemedicine helps bridge that gap between the doctor’s office and your location by giving you access to a diagnosis wherever you might be.

All you need to do is download some of these apps and you will be able to see a professional doctor from your bed and also have medicine delivered straight to your doorstep.

Doctor Anywhere

This app connects you to a locally-licensed doctor through a video call at any time and anywhere. Through the video consult, you can explain your symptoms and the doctor will prescribe you medication to help with your condition.

Following that, you can choose to get your medicine delivered straight to your doorstep if you are unfit to travel all the way to a doctor to get treated.

Download the app at App Store or Play Store here.


Doctor2U is a product of BP Healthcare Group and it is an on-demand mobile app that provides healthcare services to your doorstep with just a push of a button.

In addition, they also provide ambulance service and have an e-commerce store where you can easily shop for your medication.

According to its bio, the app has a network of over 1000 doctors in place nationwide.

Download the app at App Store or Play Store here.


With this app, you will need to list down your symptoms and concerns first. After which, you can consult a doctor conveniently either through voice or a video call to get treatment or answers to your concern.

They also provide you with the option to get your medication delivered to you at home as well.

What’s different about this app is that they provide a vast collection of medical and health articles for you to read for free!

Download the app at App Store or Play Store here.

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