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Kedah MB: Close the store or pull the license if continue selling lottery numbers

Kedah Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor warned the owners of grocery stores who were in disguise selling lottery numbers at the premises.

According to him, the state government will not compromise if the premises involved are identified as involved in the gambling and will not hesitate to withdraw the business license.

“I know there are grocery stores that sell lottery numbers because there are people who buy there, wait an hour, it’s okay, if you have to catch food, you won’t run out.

“If the shop is to be arrested, there is a lottery number for sale, once our shop is closed. Stop before you are arrested if you do not want the shop to be closed, ”he said when speaking at the opening of the Jerai Parliament People’s Carnival at the Multipurpose Hall here on Saturday.

Muhammad Sanusi said, his party has its own approach to ensure that what is enforced in the state is implemented successfully.

“I know how to do it to combat gambling activities in Kedah. This includes those hiding behind cyber cafe shops but the actual activity is an online gambling premise, this is also what we are looking into, ”he added.

According to him, the state government wants to make Kedah a gambling-free state in the future and seriously eradicate such immoral activities.

“We will fight all the way, if you don’t want the shop to close, stop gambling activities immediately.

I am fortunate to have the continuous support from all government officials and District Officers on this issue, ”he said.

On 14 November 2021, the Kedah state government decided not to give approval to new applications for gambling licenses and not to renew existing gambling licenses once they expire with immediate effect.

Commenting further, Muhammad Sanusi said, the ruling is in line with the command of ALLAH SWT who invites people to do good and at the same time prevent evil.

“With the little power we have, we dare to do, I know the people will support my action.

“When the existing license expires, it is no longer renewed, there are already some licenses that have expired and the shop has closed. Eventually, all gambling shops in Kedah will close, ”he said.

According to him, gambling activities do not bring any benefits except to the gambling tycoon.

“All gambling is illegal, no one is rich because they gamble. What is rampant is that the whole family suffers from gambling.

“Support this effort, even though some are angry because we closed the gambling premises, which are noisy sitting far away, not in Kedah, it is said that my action restricts human rights. Bad things are not human rights, if all are considered human rights, things that cause destruction to others must be eliminated, ”he said.

Muhammad Sanusi also reminded all parties to do good and prevent evil simultaneously to obtain the blessings of ALLAH SWT in life.

“If you ignore one, it will be unbalanced. That is why in the effort to develop Kedah, we encourage investors by opening up as much space as possible, including bargaining initiatives, but at the same time we prevent things that can lead to damage, “he added.


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