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Embarrassed to have yellow teeth from drinking coffee and tea? Here are steps to deal with it

Before this people drank coffee to get rid of drowsiness, but now drinking coffee has become a trend since many stalls on the street sell coffee. Not to be missed also with tea, these two drinks are definitely an option especially when the weather is hot during the day.

However, have you ever heard that coffee can make teeth yellow? Not only that, both coffee and tea can have an impact on dental health! Damn, how’s that? Read the sharing from this dentist to reduce the ill effects of coffee and tea on teeth.

For coffee and tea enthusiasts, you must have noticed your teeth turn yellow more easily. Not only that, but teeth can also be sensitive. Here are some tips to reduce the bad effects of coffee and tea on teeth.

1) Drink using a straw and avoid drinking directly from a cup or glass.
The purpose is, we want to avoid drinks directed directly to the teeth, especially the front teeth. The more exposed, the easier it is to stick to the color.
2) Avoid drinks that are too hot. Wait for a little cold first. Too high a temperature can adversely affect the internal structure of the tooth and make it easier to change color.
3) Rinse or ‘rinse’ the mouth with white water after drinking coffee or tea. The longer our teeth are exposed to the drink, the easier the material sticks to the tooth surface.
4) Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking coffee or tea. Wait 30 minutes to 1 hour first. Both of these drinks are acidic, and brushing right after drinking, can spread more acid throughout the mouth and then cause the tooth structure to become weaker.
5) ‘Latte’ is better than ‘Americano’! In a nutshell, milk in coffee or tea can help reduce the effects of beverage residue from sticking to the tooth surface.
6) Drinking in ‘one-shot’ is better than drinking little by little. Don’t spend it in a sip, you’ll choke later. The point here is, the longer the period from starting to drink to exhaustion, the higher the risk of getting adverse effects.
7) Keep your mouth clean, brush and floss your teeth diligently. Unsatisfactory hygiene (especially tartar) will make the yellowish color easier to stick.

If you follow these 7 tips when drinking coffee, there will be no effect? Not so. The effect is still there, just less.


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