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Neelofa gives away cartons of Nilofa durian milk but netizens claimed they are about to expire

Social NewsNeelofa gives away cartons of Nilofa durian milk but netizens claimed they...

TV host-entrepreneur, Neelofa started her Nilofa flavoured milk business about 3 years ago and they offered milk flavours such as chocolate, banana, mango and durian.

Recently, a video showing several cars queuing at the Nilofa warehouse located in Meru, Klang went viral on TikTok. It turned out that the Nilofa Group was giving out cartons of durian flavoured milk to the public for free.

The campaign was also announced on their official Instagram page, saying “Free Durian For Everyone”, which will be held throughout March. In addition, it’s understood that the programme takes place every weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Source: Sislin

However, things got ugly when netizens on TikTok claimed that Nilofa was giving out products for free because they are approaching the expiry date.

According to Twitter user @ZZulfikli, he said that the Nilofa milk product wasn’t as popular as people thought they are. In addition, the milk was manufactured in 2020 and expires on 9 March 2022 with so much stock leftover.

Since the expiry date was so close, he believed that was why the boxes of the milk were given away for free. Apparently, one box usually costs RM108.

Zulfikli also mentioned that the durian milk tasted synthetic and the banana milk didn’t taste good either.

On Twitter, netizens criticised him for being ungrateful for looking only at the negative side of things while Neelofa was doing a good deed for giving away the milk for free.

“If you don’t like her products, why did you went and grab them in the first place?” a netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizen said people should only donate things that are still in good condition and not nearly expired products.

One netizen also pointed out that with a shelf life of two years, he is curious about what additives are put in the milk.

Meanwhile, this did not discourage the Nilofa Group from continuing their “Free Durian For Everyone” campaign. Though the event was postponed until further notice in a more recent update, they said the new date and location of the programme will be announced in the coming future.

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