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M’sian patient shocked when doctor prescribed him with cloves for his cough, netizens said it worked!

For centuries, cultures around the world have relied on traditional medicine to meet their health needs and we have a huge number of natural remedies passed down from generation to generation. While there is no guarantee that they will work, some say it’s worth a try.

Recently, a Twitter user @AkeemShryzal visited a doctor where the doctor prescribed him some cloves to treat his cough, along with other medications too such as anti-allergy, cough medicine and antibiotics.

In his tweet, Akeem said he was surprised as he was expecting some cough syrup but the doctor gave him some cloves and advised him to put some cloves in a cup of hot water to drink to relieve his cough symptoms.

He then asked the doctor about an old wives tale that one shouldn’t chew ice cubes if they are having a cough. “You can eat anything. As long you can still eat, there’s no issue.” the doctor replied.

In the series of tweets, Azeem said he felt that the doctor is a laidback and humorous person. He also gives him the “coolest doctor in 2022” title and expresses his gratitude to him.

Netizens say it works

In the comment section, netizens shared that the natural remedy actually works very well in relieving cough.

A netizen also mentioned how drinking coffee with cloves helped soothe his sore throat and relieve nasal congestion when they had Covid-19.

Meanwhile, some believed that cloves have anti-inflammatory properties, which could explain why it helps to soothe sore throats and nasal congestions.

Though a netizen warned others not to chew the cloves directly because the spice can irritate the throat. It’s still best to let the cloves soak in the drink for a while before consuming it.

Have you tried cloves when you have a cough or cold before? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!


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