Thursday, December 8, 2022

“Calamari squid rings are made of pig rectum!” Netizens amused with this fake news

Social News"Calamari squid rings are made of pig rectum!" Netizens amused with this...

The Internet had made the sharing of information and ideas so much easier compared to the older days. However, if used incorrectly, it will become a tool to spread fake news that can potentially be harmful to our society.

Recently, there was an allegation that claimed calamari squid rings were actually made of pig rectum had went viral among our community. It may sound absurd but yes, you’ve heard that right.

The matter was brought to light by Twitter user @qeels88 who shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message that was sent to her mother.

“What kind of nonsense information are you guys sharing to my mum,” she said.

The WhatsApp message showed a picture of a bag of frozen calamari squid rings with a halal logo on it and it reads “Wanted to share some information, this is actually pigs rectum, it looks like squid but the rings are big and white.”

“If it’s really squid, it would have some spots on it. Worried that you’d end up buying it. It costs RM7.90 per kg in Perlis and RM11 in KL.”

Source: Facebook

“They put it in a plastic bag so I don’t dare to buy it, they’re even that smart that they put the halal logo on it.”

The tweet went viral with several netizens shared that their mothers also received the same message.

“Hahaha, we also received the same message and we have explained and countered it back,” a netizen said.

“Just saw this tweet and relatives send this to the group,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, netizens were amused by the claims in this fake news and they gave reasons why this would not be true. “Even the Chinese community have complained that the prices of pork are getting more expensive,” a netizen shared.

“At the market, 960g is RM35.29 whilst the lowest it goes is 900g for RM26.60. But here, 1kg is RM7.90??? Who would venture into a business brings in losses,” he added.

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