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“M’sian men are trash” Netizen criticised them for leaving lewd comments on former Miss Ukraine’s photo

Source: Instagram

Over the past few weeks, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia had escalated to the point where Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

After the war broke out in her own country, former Miss Ukraine Anastasiia Lenna decided to put down her heels and sign up to defend her country against Russia.

The beauty queen even shared a photo of herself holding a gun in a military uniform on her Instagram and gave a stern warning to the invaders. “Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed,” she wrote on the caption.

Lenna’s post in military outfit then went viral on social media and it caught the attention of netizens from Malaysia too.

However, the group of netizens left some lewd comments which totally disregard Lenna’s efforts to defend her country. The matter was then highlighted by a local Twitter user @azmirliberty.

“Malaysian men are trash,” Azmir commented.

In his tweet, he also shared a screenshot of the few lewd comments written by male netizens online.

According to the screenshot, one commentator joked that if Lenna was being captured alive, she would be used as a “lauk” (side dish).

Meanwhile, other twitter users were quick to disagree with Azmir and say he should have rephrase this comment to “Few Malaysian men are thrash” instead.

Netizens also pointed out that it is not right to generalised things as this will lead to further misunderstanding between Ukrainians and Malaysians.

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