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Khairy: 91% of brought-in-dead Covid-19 patients are unaware of themselves being infected

Source: Code Blue & The Star

In a press conference on 3 March, Health Ministry Khairy Jamaluddin revealed that on 2 March, the country has recorded its highest number of deaths since the Omicron wave broke out in Malaysia.

However, that is not the worst of all. The ministry has found out that a majority of them who are dying from Covid-19, do not even know they are infected by the virus.

Khairy then shared a survey which is conducted by the Health Ministry (KKM) from 5 February to 21 February, where there were 113 reported Brought-in-Dead (BID) cases.

Source: Malay Mail

This means that the deceased had died from Covid-19 before they could be brought into a medical facility for treatment.

Out of the 113 BID cases, 91% did not know they were infected with Covid-19 and were only found to be positive with the virus during their post-mortem examinations.

Source: Al Jazeera

“That is why I advised the general public today, especially to those who have parents or family members who are elderly.”

“If they have any symptoms, may it be high fevers or continuous coughing, please seek medical assistance immediately. Please bring them to health facilities as fast as possible,” he said.

In addition, the survey found that more than 50% of family members and heirs to those deceased assumed that the sickness endured by their deceased loved one was just a mild one.

“They did not refer to medical facilities quickly and when (Covid-19) was detected, it was too late or the patient had already passed away at home and outside of medical facilities,” Khairy said.

With that, please take extra note if you see someone having symptoms of Covid-19. There’s no harm in checking in with medical facilities even if symptoms appear to be mild.

Better be safe than sorry.

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