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M’sians called out to Education Ministry for teaching Primary 6 students Insurance and Takaful

Malaysia’s performance in education continues to decline when benchmarked against global competitors. In response, the education ministry (KPM) has actively reformed the education system and the syllabus for our students to enhance their performance.

Recently, an academician has raised questions on the practicality of including insurance and takaful (sharia-compliant insurance) into the syllabus of Primary 6 students.

Speaking to FMT, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) lecturer in Educational Studies, Othman Talib, said this is an “indicator” of the syllabus is getting heavier for students.

He also pointed out that even adults may not fully understand insurance and takaful, what more for Primary 6 students.

“We introduced them to takaful for what? We must not be hypocrites. What is a hypocrite? We say its for introduction only (in Year 6). Have we (adults) ever heard of insurance? Yes. Maybe a thousand times. (But) do we ourselves…understand?” he said.

Othman further explained that this may kill off a child’s interest in Mathematics.

Source: FMT

He then described the subject of insurance and takaful for Year 6 pupils as a waste of time and made without careful planning.

“Let’s say (after Year 6), they will study again in Form 4, but from Year 6, Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, ..the thing is ‘meaningless’ (useless). They will forget.” he said, adding that students at that age have no income to spend on insurance anyway.

Othman then suggested that the ministry should focus on the basics of ‘3M’ – membaca, menulis dan mengira (write, read and count) in primary school. He also noted that children who read do not necessarily understand what they read.

Meanwhile, netizens share the same opinion as Othman, with many agreeing on a 12-year-old child will not understand or appreciate such subject matter.

Some suggested that this topic is more suitable for Form 4 and 5 students as they are more mature in thinking.

At that age, students are also approaching adulthood and they are more ready to take up responsibilities such as looking for a job, renting a room and buying a car or motorcycle.

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