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M’sian model exposes fake talent agencies that scam women for nudes

Social NewsM'sian model exposes fake talent agencies that scam women for nudes

Scammers are everywhere. Hence, it is important for us to be aware of their tactics so nobody will fall for it again.

Recently, a Malaysian fashion model and public figure Joanna Joseph has taken to Twitter to share about scammers in the Modelling industry.

According to Joanna, some scam profiles allegedly offered modelling or influencer searches with good pay and many women have fallen prey to these scammers. She added that these scammers would threaten the victims if they report them to the police.

After gathering enough information on the scams, Joanna decides to expose the scammers and their tactics in a series of tweets. She even shared their usual modus operandi as she wants the public to know how the process works and be aware of those cunning tactics.

In the series of tweets, Joanna said the scammers would use social media profiles under the guise of ‘Modelling’, ‘Influencer’, ‘Air Asia interviews’ and more, to reach out to their prey.

They also lured gullible people by offering a high payment for modelling by just working from home, and with easy applications, just via ‘online interviews’, and no experience needed. The offer could stand between RM2,500 to RM3,000 a month.

Source: Twitter

Joanna said these scammers will first ask the victim to take pictures of themselves posing so that they can use an application called “Body Scanner” to scan the their body vital stats, modelling dress and fitting sizes.

Following that, it will claim that this scanner can scan the victim’s body only in a singlet image, a thicker attire would hind the scanner from getting the perfect dress sizes and also make up sets for their face.

Source: Twitter

Some of them will start by asking for basic pictures just to check a person’s camera’s quality. They will then give them ‘lessons’ on how to pose and ask them to send a picture mimicking certain ‘modelling poses’, and then proceeds to ask for pictures of the victims with undergarments or maybe nude pictures.

The scammers will also impose a 2-minute rule and if the applicants did not obey their instructions, they will threaten to expose the victim’s photos.

Source: Twitter

According to Joanna, there are other profiles other than what she has shared. Meanwhile, several of Joanna’s followers approached her and told her that they’ve been scammed to a particular page on Instagram.

One of her followers also revealed a Telegram group where most of the women who are victims of the modelling scam are being posted in these particular Telegram groups.

These scams had been going on for a long time and people still fell victim to them. Hence, it is important to create awareness of such incidents to prevent women from falling for such scams again.

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