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Watch: Politician leaves behind flood victims in Terengganu, many accused him of being selfish

Source: Twitter

Following the disastrous floods that hit several parts in the East Coast, aids have been channeled to the victims.

However, the water levels are rising quickly and the rescue efforts were delayed due to strong water currents.

One of them who personally went to deliver aid were Ajil assemblyman Maliaman Kassim, but was forced to turn back after the water level rises to a dangerous level.

In a video, he can be seen abandoning the truck carrying the aid, while escaping on a boat with only the skipper aboard.

However, the incident became an issue when netizens pointed out there were people left behind and questioned why Maliaman did not allow them to get onto the boat as it still has many spaces.

Divided opinions

A quick glance in the comment section showed that many accused Maliaman of being selfish.

Meanwhile, some said he should be given priority due to him being a senior citizen. Maliaman who is currently serves as Deputy of Terengganu State Executive Councillor, is 59 years old.

On the other hand, some compared Maliaman with Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky, where they praised him for leading at the frontline as Ukraine tries to fight off a Russian invasion.

The full picture

After the incident went viral on social media, a netizen came forward to give others a full picture of what actually happened.

According to him, a second boat was on the way to rescue the victims who are stranded at the spot.

Nonetheless, this incident may be an example on why we should not too quick to judge about something we saw or read.

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