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Watch: Anti-vaxxer claims Covid-19 vaccines contains HIV and Covid-19 is a “Plandemic”

Social NewsWatch: Anti-vaxxer claims Covid-19 vaccines contains HIV and Covid-19 is a "Plandemic"

Social media is one of the most powerful inventions in this technology era as it provides a platform for everybody to share their opinions and ideas.

However, this had also allowed people to disseminate false information easily and dampen the government’s efforts in getting its citizens vaccinated against Covid-19.

Recently, an anti-vaxxer had claimed there is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) in Covid-19 vaccines, especially booster shots. She then urged people who received booster shots to check for HIV, which can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) if left untreated.

In addition, she also claimed that the Covid-19 virus did not actually exist and was a conspiracy.

She said she had sent a letter to the Ministry of Health (KKM) to get evidence that Covid-19 was not just a bacteria or a virus.

She also said the ministry had yet to respond to her questions, which raises her suspicion on whether Covid-19 even exists.

Source: Forbes

With this, she claimed the government is hiding certain facts about Covid-19 and that the halal status of vaccines never really existed.

She further said that a study found that the Covid-19 vaccine had animal cells and even included various viruses such as the HIV.

Netizens flooded the comment section with dislikes and criticisms, saying that she is just another anti-vaxxer who is ignorant about the facts. Netizens also pointed out that she should not give an opinion without doing proper research and fact-checking.

Does Covid-19 boosters contain HIV virus?

According to a Cardiff-based doctor and researcher Dr Bnar Talabani, there is currently no clinical evidence that Covid-19 boosters can lead to positive HIV tests.

“There is no evidence to support this claim and it’s a very good example of how misinformation is constructed to play on fear and dissuade people from having vaccines that have been proven safe in almost 10 billion doses given worldwide, to date,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 vaccines are confirmed to be safe and effective by the World Health Organization (WHO).

If there are any risks, it would be extremely rare.

In addition, WHO has also warned of the “infodemic” – misinformation related to Covid-19 – which is also prevalent in Malaysia.

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