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MUDA slapped with RM1,000 fine for fist-bumping supporters, apologises for causing trouble

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The campaign manager of the state Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) chief has called out to the authorities after one of its members, Azrol Rahani was slapped with an RM1,000 compound for fist-bumping with a supporter on nomination day.

However, Azrol has apologised for the trouble caused and promised to settle the compound.

In a press conference, Azrol said he received the compound from the Kulai district health office at about 6.30 pm on 27 February.

“According to the Health Department, I failed to maintain physical distance (hand touching), which is an offence under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.”

“The hand touch referred to was a fist bump that I gave a supporter outside of the nomination centre,” he said.

Azrol also said that the authorities received a complaint from the public following a social media post showing the incident.

“I have given my fullest cooperation to the authorities. I would also like to apologise to the Health Department for the trouble I have caused,” he said.

Meanwhile, his campaign manager Amos Thien said this is unfair to Azrol to receive the compound for just a “normal” fist bump with a supporter.

He went on saying that the offence was not listed in the standard operating procedure.

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“The authorities need to be clear about the SOP. There is no mention of a fist bump being an offence under the SOP that we received.”

“There have been leaders from other parties seen being surrounded by a large group, which is an obvious offence, but they did not receive any compound.”

“This is unfair to us as we have been following the SOP very closely since day one,” he said, while holding up a picture of Najib Razak giving fist bumps in a recent visit to Johor.

Thien then urged the authorities to be fair to all parties and be transparent when giving out compounds.

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