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A man eating strange creature called Raja Jin

A man with long hair has caused a stir on TikTok social media with his content that cooks and eats a strangely shaped creature that he calls it the Raja Jin.


Balas @cinta_itu_tai Rame Kabarin Ya, Biar Lanjut Ke Tahap Berikut nya😁@travelmedan1☑️ #berandatiktok #kangdedeinoen #rajajinpenunggusungai #fyp

♬ suara asli – travelmedan1☑️ – travelmedan1☑️

From the video content uploaded by the TikTok account @travelmedan1, the creature has a pair of eyeballs and teeth that resemble humans. The nose is snub and has no holes.

The creature was boiled by a man named Dede Inoen on a stone stove with firewood. The creature, whose texture and color resembles the gravel of a cow’s leg, is grabbed with a variety of chopped spices using a small frying pan.

“Here, friends, this is part of his forehead. So this genie has fine hairs. There are eyes too. cool. His nose is snub. His lips are like monkey lips. Keep the teeth cool, long. There’s a mustache too, it’s just a thin one, isn’t it?” said the man, showing the appearance of the creature he was cooking.

The man claimed to have previously fought against the genie king and managed to win, before cooking it.

“This forehead shows this genie is fierce. Seen above his eyes. It has two horns. One is broken,” he said.

Before eating the creature, Dede Inoen had offered a woman who passed by where he was cooking.

“His body is like a puyang huh. It’s just more scary than puyang, his face is annoying,” he said.

According to Dede, the creature’s taste is very solid.

“The genie is really good. It’s delicious, sticky but smells good, my friends,” said Dede as he devoured the creature’s flesh.

After eating the stomach, the man then devoured the innards which he called like a lizard.

“When we cook, the heat lasts. Because the genie is made of coals. Because you don’t have to cook it, you can just eat it right away,” said Dede.

From the full video watched by Indozone, it is suspected that the creature is a modified beef leg with eyes, teeth and chicken feet attached. Allegedly, the video was made for entertainment purposes only.


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