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M’sian student plans to get married in Thailand, sparks a heated debate online

Getting married is a lifetime thing and there are a number of things that we should take into consideration before getting set down permanently with your partner.

However, it seems that getting married early seems to be the trend among young people, and worse, some even want to end their bachelorhood while they are still students or without a stable job.

Recently, a student went on Twitter to ask for an opinion on how to end singlehood.

In the tweet by @twtmalaywedding, the student said he plans to get married in Thailand.

Meanwhile, the student said he and his couple are currently depending on their parents for living expenses.

“When it comes to money, we can get enough money from our parents. Plan to get married in Thailand because of the problem concerning wali (guardian).”

“We plan to announce our marriage right after finishing our studies and are stable. So my question is what else do I need to worry about before getting married in this way?” the student said.

The tweet sparked a debate among netizens, with many stressing the importance of a guardian in a marriage.

One netizen even pointed out the legality of getting married outside of the country and how most women became victims of such marriages.

Netizens also questioned the motive of the students for wanting to get married at such an early age and in such a secretive manner.

Meanwhile, many advised the student couple to wait until they are financially stable on their own before deciding on getting married. They also pointed out the financial responsibilities that the couple should expect when starting a family.

What do you think about getting married early? Share your thoughts!


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