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Watch: M’sian woman got sexually harassed by e-hailing driver, asked if she wants to “main tidur”

Social NewsWatch: M'sian woman got sexually harassed by e-hailing driver, asked if she...

Sexual harassment is not a new thing in Malaysia and on a daily basis, many of our women were discriminated and harassed by society. Sadly, many of these perpetrators managed to get away with no harm.

Recently, a Twitter user @IsmaDalilah shared a recording of how she was harassed by a e-hailing driver and warned the other women of such cases.

According to Isma, the e-hailing driver first asked about her boyfriend and where is him, to which, she replied that she does not have one. The harassment then started.

Source: Nairametrics

The driver remained quiet for a while before asking her if he could ask her a question, when she said yes he asked her “Pernah main tak?” which translates to “Have you played before?”.

Isma was confused with his question and asked what he is referring to. The driver responded saying “main tidur” (play sleep). 

Isma said she was nervous and awkward after she heard this. As soon as she reached her destination, she quickly pay him and hide somewhere but the driver continued asking her if she wanted to “play sleep” with him and even offered to pay her. 

She said she was so afraid that it would escalate and was traumatized by the entire incident. She said that after leaving the vehicle she was shaking in fear and she even cried! 

Meanwhile, she made a complaint to the e-hailing app and they responded saying:

“I will share this with Safety Team and they will call you as soon as possible. Do not worry, we do not tolerate this behaviour on our platform. We’re terribly sorry you faced this incident earlier. We wish that your future booking with us will be better.”

In a separate tweet, the e-hailing platform said that the driver’s account has been suspended for investigation and for the safety of users. 

They added that they do not want anyone to go through what the user had gone through and promise a safe journey to all their users.

If you ever came by such incident, you are advised to give your closed ones a call and keep the line on until you reach your destination. With this, someone will know of your whereabouts in case anything happens.

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