Monday, November 28, 2022

Watch: Local influencers stopped their Mustang in the middle of the road in KL

Social NewsWatch: Local influencers stopped their Mustang in the middle of the road...

People these days will do anything for content. Some ‘genius’ even came up with the idea of stopping right in the middle of a road to film their content.

Recently, a group of Mustang drivers have stopped their cars in the middle of Jalan Tun Razak after one of the drivers (yellow Mustang) claimed to have run out of fuel. The 2 (orange and red Mustang) which were followed behind had stopped accordingly.

In the video, the person who was recording the video can be seen approaching the yellow Mustang driver, telling to him that the traffic is building up before asking him if he ran out of fuel.

However, instead of quickly refilling his car and moving on, the yellow Mustang driver decides to engage in a conversation with the person recording.

“I ran out of fuel la bro, I’m out of money this month bro. Pay road tax also already RM20,000 bro,” the yellow Mustang owner said.

The person recording then told the Mustang driver that he should consider renting the car instead of buying it. “It’s embarrassing to drive a Mustang but you run out of fuel. Next time, just rent the car.”

Source: Facebook

“Oh, you can rent it?” the driver asked and the person behind the camera responded saying “Yes, got bro, it’s easy.”

After watching this, netizens could not help but feel that it is an advertisement for a luxury car rental service. 

That said, if this was really an advertisement, they should have done it somewhere else instead of being in the middle of the traffic, especially when it is rush hour.

“If your car has broken down, push it to the side instead of letting it sit in the fast lane. We want to ask, driving a fancy car but you can’t afford to fill petrol? Don’t make dumb content until it inconveniences others,” the Facebook page Inforoadblock shared.

“These are the kind of people who don’t care what happens as long as they look stylish. Just inconveniencing others.” a netizen said.

“Stupid. Using a luxury car but don’t have money to fill petrol. Troubling other road users. Just push the car to the side, how great do you think your Mustang is? Is there no lorries with broken brakes to wipe his car out?” another netizen said.

Do you think the Mustang driver really ran out of petrol or they are just pretending for the sake of content? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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