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13 Ukrainian border guards killed after telling Russian warship to ‘go f*ck yourself’

An audio recording of an exchange between Ukrainian border guards on Zmiinyi Island (or Snake Island) in the Black Sea and a Russian warship has emerged online.

The audio clip was obtained and published by Ukrainian news outlet Ukrayinska Pravda on Friday (Feb. 25, 2022).

All 13 guards killed

According to Reuters, a total of 13 border guards were on the island when a Russian vessel approached them.

All of the soldiers were killed, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement, as reported by The Guardian and CNN.

According to another audio clip obtained by WTOP editor Alejandro Alvarez, the guards seemed to realise they would be facing fatal consequences, saying “this is it” and discussing “should I tell him to go f*ck himself” before turning up the volume and relaying the defiant message.

Zelensky said that he will issue posthumous honours to the guards who refused to surrender to the Russian warship.

He added, according to Business Insider, that all of the guards “did not give up” and “died heroically”.

Screen-recorded footage of a livestream video allegedly taken by one of the guards on the island has also circulated online, although its authenticity has not been confirmed.

The footage purportedly showed the moment the Russian warship attacked the island.


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