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M’sian owes bank 1 sen but paid RM1 to settle the debt, instead had to submit documents to get his 99 sen refund

Source: Twitter

With the Internet and technology in this modern era, most of us would not prefer to go to the bank to settle things due to the hassle of having to brave through the traffic and making rounds to look for a parking spot.

Recently, a Twitter user Zalan shared his banking experience of having to go through so much just to settle an outstanding of RM0.01 left for his car loan account.

“The bank needs me to pay that 1 sen before I can proceed with cancelling bank’s claim on the car.”

“But, I can’t make online transfer of 1 sen because it is below the minimum transfer amount,” he explained.

Zalan then said he felt the bank is screwing with him, so he decided on screwing them back by transferring RM1 to settle his outstanding of 1 sen.

“Hahaha! Now the bank can remove its claim on my car and owes me 99 sen instead. Good luck with processing that! I laughed inside.” he said.

However, things did not go as what he planned and the bank told him that if he wanted his 99 sen back, he will need to go through a series of documents and submit a request to them.

“You win, bankers. You f’in always win,” he concluded the post.

Netizens were amused with this and many offered solutions on how he should deal with the situation.

“Bro. Just go to the branch and steal a pen. The case is settled,” a netizen suggested.

Source: The Rakyat Post

Another netizen suggested that he should request for the necessary documents and submit them, then annoy them by sending them multiple reminders, until he get his 99 sen back.

Some netizens also shared similar experience of having to go through such hassle with the bank for the insignificant amount.

“My mum had to go to PTPTN’s office with Grab just to pay 20 cents.” a netizen said.

Would you go through the trouble to get your 99 sen back? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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