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Indonesian star surprises his wife with a fully functional ATM as a birthday gift!

Bet you’ve never imagine what it feels like getting an ATM machine as a present!

Recently, an Indonesia celebrity named Raffi Ahmad had surprised her actress wife Nagita Slavina with an ATM for her birthday.

Although most places are going cashless, there are still some areas where bank notes are the only method of payment. Not to mention that there are curfews at midnight that prevent us from withdrawing cash for a midnight snack.

The wife, Nagita could not believe it herself and she thought her husband pranked her with a dummy ATM. As soon as she inserted her card and attempt to withdraw, the machine spat out real cash!

The video caught netizens’ attention and many wonder just how did the couple manage to get their hands on the ATM machine?

Source: TodayOnline

According to Bank Negara Indonesia, the ATM is totally legit. It also said that Raffi is one of their most important clients and the ATM is supposed to make withdrawing money easier for them and the people around.

However, it is said that the ATM will not be permanently installed in their house. Instead, it will be moved to the couple’s entertainment company a block away from their house.

The ATM was first delivered to their home as a surprise, before being moved over to its actual location.

Do you wish for a personal ATM at home? You’ll need to meet the main requirements of being filthy rich!

What’s the best gift you’ve received? Let us know in the comment section below!


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