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Contribute to wage transparency and fight for better wages with this Instagram page!

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We recently found out that Malaysian employers could be considered as the stingiest in Southeast Asia for not willing to spend more on salaries and wages.

One contributing factor to this situation is the lack of transparency, as people do not openly discuss how much they are earning. In some cases, the company will even make a policy to restrict employees from discussing their pay.

This policy also helps employers to keep costs as low as possible given that employees do not know of the acceptable rates.

Source: The Rakyat Post

To combat this issue, an Instagram page, Malaysian Pay Gap was created for this purpose to allow people openly discuss their pay while remain anonymous.

According to its bio, the Malaysian Pay Gap is set up to advocate for pay transparency and better salary in Malaysia, for all ethnicities.

How the page works is pretty simple. All you need to do is send them a Direct Message with the particulars related to your job description and the salary and experience you’ve gone through with the respective employer.

The only thing you’ll need to take note of is to stick to the format which they detail in a highlight.

The Malaysian Pay Gap will help you look at the different salaries from different career paths but the one common thing you’ll see is – low wages.

With this, the Malaysian Pay Gap Instagram serves as a warning to employers who are paying wages below the acceptable rates.

Undeniably, there are good employers out there who pay better rates than the market average, but there are also some who practice lowballing and mistreat their employees in all ways.

Check out the Malaysian Pay Gap on Instagram and contribute to wage transparency too!

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