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Raja Bomoh attempts another comeback to perform ritual for Johor State Election!

NewsRaja Bomoh attempts another comeback to perform ritual for Johor State Election!

Ibrahim Mat Zin, or better known as the infamous ‘Raja Bomoh’ might be making a comeback again after he claimed that his services are still needed by the people of Johor in the upcoming Johor state election.

“I stayed in Johor for five days previously. I prayed for everyone’s safety as well as the political situation and the election in Johor to progress smoothly.”

“I won’t go to Johor without an invitation. People are still inviting me, some are politicians, some are VVIPs. They need my services.”

Source: Astro Awani

“They need me to ‘pagar’ (to contain) Covid-19 in Johor, especially during the state election this March,” Ibrahim was quoted saying by NST when he met the reporters outside the Syariah Court on Tuesday (23 February).

The polling day for the Johor state election has been set on 12 March, while the nomination day is on 26 February and early voting is on 8 March.

Source: Malay Mail

Ibrahim then said he conducted similar ritual to pray for the people of Melaka during the Melaka state election and was grateful that the country did not see a spike in Covid-19 cases after the election.

“We will always find ways… ask from Allah. I will perform (ritual) in Johor. I did it once in Melaka and everyone was spared from getting infected.”

“I would like to say thank you to those who supported me. I will be in Johor again this week and the following week, I will conduct (the ritual) in Johor Baru, Simpang Renggam, and other areas in Johor,” he said.

Previously, Ibrahim and Suliaha made the headlines after performing a ritual on the banks of the Perak River that goes against Islamic teachings.

The duo was presented to the Lower Shariah Court on 7 January, but no charges were made then. They were released on RM3,000 bail each with one surety instead, which was paid by their family.

Both are under being investigated under Section 14 of the Perak Syariah Criminal Enactment 1992 for defaming and insulting Islam, and Section 16 of the same law for violating the fatwa issued by the Perak Mufti Department.

Do you think Ibrahim will get himself into trouble again this time? Share your thoughts!

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