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Foodpanda Rider enters into Lecture Hall to deliver food to student

A person by the name of Jerald has recorded that incident and shared it on his TikTok account. The video then went viral with 917,000 views and 86,000 likes.

The viral video starts off with a FoodPanda rider at the door of the lecture hall and checking his phone to see the order.

The lecturer was quite helpful by guiding him to the exact person who ordered the food and he walked over to the person to pass the tapau to her.

She felt embarrassed but accepted the food anyways. The whole lecture hall was laughing at the interaction and some of them were applauding it.

Meanwhile, netizens noted that she must have been really hungry to the point that she was okay with the embarrassment while others say that the food delivery rider was probably embarrassed as well by the applause and cheers of the crowd.

Some noted that the rider should be given a 5-star rating as he delivered straight to her seat. While others pointed out that the professor was really sporting as he led the rider straight to her.

This is certainly a very funny situation, however, if you are thinking of doing the same thing, then you need to see if your lecturers are the sporting type.


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