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Licensed money lender commits suicide after he failed to repay Ah Longs

NewsLicensed money lender commits suicide after he failed to repay Ah Longs

We often hear stories of how Ah Longs (loan sharks) harm others after they failed to pay up their debt. Recently, we have a licensed money lender who took his own life after he was pushed to his limits by both his borrowers and loan sharks.

According to Harian Metro, the 58-year-old man who runs a licensed money lending business founded by his wife was found dead in front of his home.

Kuala Muda deputy police chief Superintendent Anuar Abd Rahman said the police received a call from the victim’s wife at 7.15 am and their investigation found that the man lived in the house with his wife and 17-year-old daughter.

Source: Bebas News

According to the wife, the victim was seen in the living room alone before sleeping on the sofa at 12.30 am.

The wife said she did not suspect anything strange about her husband and went to bed in the room with her daughter.

The further investigations found that the victim had left a voice message on WeChat to his daughter at 2.38 am, asking her to take good care of her mother.

Source: Business Insider

“However, his daughter did not suspect anything strange and the victim’s wife also said she heard a dog barking at 3 am but she ignored it.”

“The victim’s wife found out about the incident after she wanted to wake him up in the living room but he was not in the house. She then found the man in the yard,” he said.

Anuar said the investigations also found that the man was depressed because he borrowed money from loan sharks to help manage his business’s cashflows.

The victim is under pressure because the borrowers failed to repay the debts to his company making him also fail to repay the debt to Ah Long.

“However, we are still conducting further investigations into the incident and so far the case has been classified as sudden death,” he said.

According to him, the investigation at the scene did not find any criminal elements.

“The body was sent to Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital for autopsy,” he said.

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