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Frustrated M’sians called for an upgrade at our flawed toll payment system that causes massive traffic congestion

Source: Twitter

On Monday morning (21 February), Malaysian drivers met with a massive traffic jam at the Jalan Duta toll plaza’s RFID lanes on the Plus expressway heading into Kuala Lumpur.

The frustrated commuters then took to social media and blamed Plus’s RFID toll payment system for being inefficient and not working as intended.

In response to the matter, Plus issued a statement explaining that the traffic congestion was not their fault, but the commuters’. It explained the crawl was caused by drivers who had “insufficient balance” to pay the toll in RFID lanes.

Plus added that drivers then attempted to reload their Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet, which caused the massive traffic congestion at the toll during the peak hours of 8 and 8.59 am.

Plus also apologised for any inconveniences caused and will help guide customers to park their vehicles at a safe location away from traffic in front of the RFID lanes to conduct their e-Wallet reloads.

They reminded road users to always check their Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet and card balance beforehand to ensure a smooth journey, adding that the payment options available are RFID, Touch n’ Go card and SmartTAG.

However, Malaysians are exhausted of the country’s road toll troubles. Many thinks that the current current cashless payment system used for the nation’s tolls were inconvenient and has many flaws.

“This changes nothing right? No matter if we top up RFID, Touch ‘n Go or SmartTag, our journey still wouldn’t be smooth right? Opss…” one netizen said.

Some netizens pointed out that they still get stuck at the toll booth despite having their Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet and card topped up.

Meanwhile, netizens also provided several solutions to improve the situation we have at our toll booths, and they are:

  1. Have multiple RFID exits at toll plazas.
  2. Credit or debit cards are made available as a mode of payment
  3. Allow advance charging, where users are charged first and overdue toll payments are deducted later.
  4. More intelligent toll systems like the ones used overseas to get rid of toll plazas for good.

On the other hand, a number of them called for tolls to be taken away for good. “Abolish tolls!”

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