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Doctor shares that black, foul-smelling liquid found in lungs of Covid-19 positive child

Source: Facebook

Malaysia has been checking in a rapid surge of Covid-19 daily cases due to the Omicron wave that rampages in our community.

With only 17% of the children being administered only the first dose as of 23 February, they are more at risk to be infected by serious Covid-19.

Recently, a local medical officer Muhamad Na’im Ab Razak went on Facebook to share one of the rarest COVID-19 conditions that happened to a child.

Source: Time

According to Na’im, he noticed that children with chronic diseases or lack balanced nutrition are the ones who end up in critical conditions after testing positive for COVID-19.

In a case which he is handling, this patient of his was very thin and he suspected the child lacked proper nutrition when brought into the hospital. The child is suffering from breathing difficulties and is barely conscious.

Source: Facebook

“Further examination found that the child’s left lung was filled with liquid. I inserted a tube into the child’s chest to remove the fluid. More than a litre of black and foul-smelling liquid came out.” he said in his Facebook post.

Na’im said this was his first time experiencing such a condition and it is a very rare case. He added that it is difficult to tell if the child had another disease before being infected by Covid-19 or this is a complication that happened due to Covid-19. 

The Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering over 2,000 reactions, 150 comments and 480 shares.

Meanwhile, Na’im said whether or not the black fluid came from Covid-19, one thing for sure is that parents should get their children vaccinated to avoid such situations from happening. 

Protect your children by getting them vaccinated!

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