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Bryan and Deacon apologises for cross dressing in front of Laman Mahkota

Social NewsBryan and Deacon apologises for cross dressing in front of Laman Mahkota

Last Friday (18 February), local influencer Bryan Wee and Deacon Chai were being arrested after they posed for photos while cross-dressing in front of Laman Mahkota Johor. Surprisingly, both of them did not regret what they did and Bryan even promised he’d be back.

Netizens in general felt their lewd pose with skimpy clothes right in front of the place was an insult to the Johor royal family and Johoreans. As a result, the duo was arrested a day later on Saturday (19 February) and were also detained because they tested positive for ketamine.

In a statement, the police said they are investigating the case under Section 505 (b) of the Penal Code, Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and Section 15 (1) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Source: Facebook

While the duo were being brought to the court on 19 February to extend their detention, it appears that they are unaffected by the issue.

On their way to the courtroom, Deacon can be seen waving to someone he knew at the scene, but did not respond to any of the media. However, Bryan seemed to enjoy the attention as he blew kisses, showed a heart and even tugged his sleeve down in an attempt to be alluring.

“I love you, wait for me to come back,” he reportedly said to those present.

Since the incident went viral, influencer and lawyer Kiang Jau Sang, who is known for his peculiar acts with Bryan, has vanished from social media. The self-proclaim “Malaysian Wang Leehom” has apparently deactivated his Facebook and Instagram account.

Some netizens speculated that he is hoping to avoid the backlash from Bryan’s arrest.

Both Bryan and Deacon may be facing a minimum of two years in prison or a fine or both if convicted. However, their verdict will only be released once the case has been thoroughly investigated.

On Monday (21 February), the duo had in a press conference apologised for allegedly insulting the Johor royals by posing in front of the palace, adding that they will take responsibility of the mistake they’ve made.

“After this, we will repent on our behaviour and temporarily close our social media accounts. We will definitely learn the lessons of this time and think twice before acting.” they said.

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