Wednesday, December 7, 2022

‘Ugly and fat!’ Indonesian badminton fan body-shames M’sian national shuttler at BATC finals

Social News'Ugly and fat!' Indonesian badminton fan body-shames M'sian national shuttler at BATC finals

The Badminton Asia Team Championship (BATC) 2022 has recently ended with Malaysia’s men team winning 3-0 against Indonesia in the finals.

However, national shuttler Aaron Chia has found himself becoming the subject of a disgruntled fan’s insult after he arrives at the Setia City Convention Centre for the Badminton Asia Team Championships (BATC) 2022 finals on Sunday (20 February).

In a video that went viral on social media, it can be heard that enthusiastic fans are welcoming him by wishing him the best of luck. However, a woman can be heard shouting “Iya, jelek tuh! Jelek… genduk!” (Yeah, that fat fellow! Ugly and fat!) repeatedly towards Aaron when he passes the crowd.

Both Malaysians and Indonesian fans were enraged by the Indonesian fan’s body-shaming comments towards Aaron, with one saying that she “had the mouth of a drain’s”. Meanwhile, Indonesia netizens had also apologised on behalf of that person’s disrespectful comments.

“As Indonesian, I want to apologize to Aaron Chia and Malaysians. I personally respect Aaron Chia so much and I condemn these actions toward him.” a netizen said.

“Don’t embarrass Indonesia, you can’t really keep your mouth shut. Sorry to my Malaysian friends, I hope this doesn’t happen again.” another netizen said.

After the incident went viral, the body-shamer came forward to explain herself through an Instagram Story of another Indonesian fan, @irtyafarii. She said that she has always been a badminton fan, and those hate comments thrown towards Aaron Chia were solely intended as a joke instead of a mockery.

Thankfully, the Malaysian team managed to defeat the defending champion – the Indonesian team – and take away the championship’s title this time around.

Once again, congratulations to our national shuttlers for bagging the gold medal!

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