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“I failed in SPM because of you” Salang Sayang Resort ‘attacked’ by SPM 2021 candidates

A resort in Pulau Tioman, Pahang has recently come under fire for its name that appeared in the Speaking and Listening test (Bahasa Melayu and English) in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2021.

It started when the SPM 2021 candidates got confused with the pronunciation of the examiner when they pronounced the name of the resort “Salang Sayang Resort”, and even more, they found out that this resort exists and is located in Pulau Tioman.

Expressing their dissatisfaction, some of these candidates went to the resort’s Google review and flooded it with bad reviews and accused it of causing them to fail their SPM examination.

Source: Twitter

“Please change your name. I failed in SPM because of you.” a candidate said.

Apart from it’s Google review, the resort’s social media accounts came under attack by these SPM candidates too, demanding it to change the name of its resort.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, netizens condemned the candidates for acting immaturely. “I understand your frustration. But please do not attack or comment on Salang Sayang Resort. It’s just a Question paper from BM Listening Test.” a netizen said.

One of the candidates even stood up to speak for the resort, saying that the resort had not do anything wrong and their bad reviews could have dampen the resort’s reputation and cause them to go bankrupt if it comes to the worst.

He then apologised on behalf of the SPM 2021 candidates who gave the those reviews out of their frustration.

Source: Instagram

The management of Salang Sayang Resort had also responded to the issue positively while urging the candidates to calm down and wishing them all the best for its upcoming examinations.

“To all candidates batch 04, I wish you good luck in future, don’t get mad to our resort’s name, hehehhe much love from beyonce!” it said.

We wish the best of luck for all SPM 2021 candidates for the upcoming papers and there is no need to be disappointed by a set back like this.


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