Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Anti-vaxxers claimed that donating blood right after getting jabbed helps ‘purify’ their bodies

Social NewsAnti-vaxxers claimed that donating blood right after getting jabbed helps 'purify' their...

Occasionally, we would hear interesting claims from anti-vaxxers on why people should avoid vaccines or ways to ‘purify’ themselves if they were being vaccinated.

Recently, a netizen Syahr Musafir, had taken to his Facebook account to share how he overhead a group of anti-vaxxers who claimed that donating blood right away after they are being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine will help ‘purify’ their bodies.

“I went to get vaccinated because I wanted the MySejahtera vaccination certification only. After getting vaccinated, I went straight to donate blood to get all the vaccine out of my body” one of the anti-vaxxers said.

Source: NST

“Share his number with me, I wanted to donate my blood too after being forced to be vaccinated.” another man from the group said.

While it was the Syahr, the food vendor recognises him as a doctor and asked him whether what the group of anti-vaxxers claimed is true.

In response, Syahr replied “The vaccination given on our shoulder is generally being known as intramuscular injection. Simply put, the vaccine is injected into the muscle, not into our blood stream or blood vessels. So, no matter how many times we go for blood donation, the vaccine remains in our body.”

Syahr then said that what the group of anti-vaxxers claim was not true but he would avoid to confronting them as he was not good at handling such situation.

To end his post, he said that the ministry did not force anybody to be vaccinated and the anti-vaxxers can remained unvaccinated at their own risk. Though it comes with several inconvenience as you’ll need a fully vaccinated status to access most places these days.

The National Blood Centre has advised Malaysians to avoid donating blood within 7 days after receiving their Covid-19 vaccines. This is to allow the vaccine recipient to recover from the side effects of getting vaccinated.

What do you think of this claim by the anti-vaxxers? Share your thoughts!


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