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Muhyiddin hints that Malaysia’s finances may not last long, vowing to expose more in near future

NewsMuhyiddin hints that Malaysia's finances may not last long, vowing to expose...

Malaysia’s finances are not pretty as they have been made out and this is the biggest challenge at the national level, according to Bersatu president and former prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Speaking at the official launch of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) election machinery in Johor Lama on Friday (18 February) night, he vowed to make further exposures on the matter soon.

However, he also hinted that the country’s treasury has been extremely stretched after weathering the twin crises of the economy and the pandemic, calling the situation the “biggest challenge”.

Source: Sinar Harian

“Yesterday (17 February), I asked Finance Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz to deliver a report… I will bocor it in time about the position of our national finance.”

“How long can we last? How long will our annual revenue be able to pay salaries and support our national development? Will we have enough money to support our huge pension payment?” he said.

Source: The Rakyat Post

Muhyiddin stopped there and said he cannot reveal anything more about the situation.

“That is as much as I will say for now. The country’s situation is not as rosy as being let on. This is the biggest challenge at the national level,” Muhyiddin said, adding that countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia are leapfrogging Malaysia in economic development.

In his speech, Muhyiddin also condemned UMNO for calling a fresh state election, saying there was no threat to its government in Johor with its one-seat majority.

He then urged Johoreans to think about the country’s finances and the prospect of BN having its hands on the Federal purse again and that we will be worse off if they felt like voting for BN again for stability.

“It is an unusual and extraordinary time we live in, not just for Johor, but the country. We have to repair a spoiled country. I can’t imagine what will happen in the future,” he said.

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