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Begging in KL, an easy and quick way to make huge money

NewsBegging in KL, an easy and quick way to make huge money

Who doesn’t love easy money? The excitement of earning easy money from begging has caused many to continue this activity to the extent that it becomes their ‘permanent job’.

In a report by Bernama, a journalist had gone on an undercover mission in Bukit Bintang during the weekends, where the streets are usually busy with people who went there to shop or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

During her 2-hour begging spree in the area, the journalist managed to rake in RM147 with only a “capital investment” of RM9, which she spent on some packets of tissue.

With this, she estimates that a beggar would be able to take home about RM700 a day or RM15,000 a month if they begged on the streets for 12 hours.

This is certainly far more than what any blue-collar worker slogging away in a factory or restaurant can dream of earning. Some may even wonder whether an average office worker can earn that much.

In another report by Bernama, it is said that some of them are “addicted” to begging, and for this man interviewed by Bernama, he will commute daily using his motorcycle from Klang to the city centre, covering a distance of about 50 km, to beg, which he has been doing over the last 4 years.

“Since I was laid off about four years ago, no one wants to offer me a job,” he said, who was among those arrested by the authorities during an operation to clean the streets of beggars a few days ago.

Source: The Star

A food shop trader from Kota Bharu was among those nabbed. He said drove all the way from Kota Bharu to the federal capital, which is a distance of about 450 kilometres, every month, to help raise funds for a tahfiz school by begging.

The food shop trade said he managed to get about RM10,000 a month from his food business, but it was the satisfaction he got in being able to raise the fund through public donation that made him do it for the past three years.

Speaking to Bernama, the man said he considered the money he got from doing the fund-raising as a part-time income.

“I do the fund-raising job for only 10 days in a month and able to raise about 300 a day during the period, with 60% of the collection for the tahfiz school and the remaining, which is about RM1,300 goes into my pocket”

Bernama also reported that they found most beggars, especially the locals, continued to choose to beg despite the comfortable life they have and being able to earn a living by finding other jobs.

Interviewing the D3 ATIPSOM Principal Assistant Director SAC Fadil Marsus, he also confirmed that these group of people engaged in begging as as permanent job to get easy, fast and lucrative income.

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