Monday, November 28, 2022

Adult ICUs are now full with children due to Covid-19 complications, parents urged to get their child vaccinated

Social NewsAdult ICUs are now full with children due to Covid-19 complications, parents...

The Health Ministry (KKM) has recently announced a 160% increase in COVID-19 cases among children in Malaysia.

With the Omicron-variant rampaging across the states, this matter should be taken seriously by parents nationwide.

Meanwhile, a Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Defense (Mindef), Dr Rusyainie Ramli has recently taken to Facebook to share her worst nightmare of adult intensive care units (ICU) being full of children.

According to Dr Rusyainie, the children were sent into ICU for another complication caused by Covid-19 itself, namely MIS-C or multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

MIS-C is a condition where different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs.

“Every single child I diagnosed with COVID-19, it started to make me anxious. When they just got infected, that was only one phase. The symptoms they experience make them whine, lose their appetite and become inactive. Even then, it would be a major problem, especially if they had symptoms involving the respiratory system.”

Dr Rusyainie explained MIS-C can occur within 2-4 weeks after being infected by Covid-19 and it usually occurs in children aged 3 to 12 years, with an average age of 8 years.

With this, she also urges parents to get their children vaccinated. “Children often go out and follow their parents for social activities, exposing them to Covid-19. If they have a chronic disease such as asthma or obesity, Covid-19 might have serious repercussions on them.”


She added that children do not have antibodies to fight Covid-19 that can be produced through vaccines. As a result, they ended up getting in ICUs which is worrisome and a burden for parents.

Malaysia has recently kicked off its National Covid-19 Immunisation Program, or PICKids, for children aged 5 to 11. However, the vaccination rates under PICKids was still under 10%.

If you are a close contact or have been tested positive for Covid-19, this guide will help you in the event you are lost and do not know how to proceed.

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