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Watch: Man in Sarawak hikes 2 hours for better Internet connection for his online university interview!

Source: Facebook

They say determination is the key to success and this man from Sarawak had inspired people with his great determination to overcome obstacles no matter how tough they are.

In a viral Facebook post, 19-year-old Frank, whose dream is to become a teacher, had to hike 2 hours up a mountain just to that he had a stable internet connection for a University’s online interview.

For his ambition, he is willing to hike up Bukit Kelingkang just to give it a shot.

In the post, his older brother, Mario shared a video where Frank can be seen sitting on a bemban mat in a makeshift hut built by his father Sa Ujom.

According to Borneo Post, Frank had met several obstacles along his way and got his pants wet during the interview due to heavy rain.

Source: Facebook

“His legs were bitten by leeches but he persisted to follow the footsteps of others who had achieved success in their life.”

Mario explained that their longhouse Rumah Suing in Teberu, Ulu Kemalih is equipped with the WiFi Sarawak Linking Urban, Rural and Nation (Saluran) network, but it is unable to support the data requirements of an online interview.

He added that the applications would take very long to load and can only be used for WhatsApp and Facebook as they require less data use.

“Such is the difficulty of network coverage in the rural area. We have to bear with it and at the same time hope relevant parties will help to resolve the problem,” he added.

In the meantime, Frank said the 45-minute interview was for Counselling, 1 of 2 subjects he had applied to study at the university. Previously, he had attended a similar interview for Moral studies at the very same spot.

“The results are expected to be out in two weeks. I am 70% confident that I will pass the interview,” Frank said.

We wish Frank the best of luck with his interview and hope that he will attain his dreams in the near future!

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