Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Stop repeating PCR tests if you are already tested positive, this M’sian medical lab shares

Social NewsStop repeating PCR tests if you are already tested positive, this M'sian...

For those who have recently tested positive for Covid-19 or have just recovered from Covid-19, there’s no need for you to go through an RT-PCR test again to confirm it.

This is because the results from the RT-PCR test will still show that you are positive, despite you having recovered from Covid-19.

Sharing his knowledge on social media, medical lab scientist and TikTok content creator, Pak Cik Bakar Baharom uploaded a video on his TikTok to explain the principles behind the RT-PCR test.

Source: NST

The caption of the video reads, “There is no need to do a PCR test repeatedly if you’ve already been tested positive recently.”

Bakar explains that the point of a PCR test is to determine if there are any of the viruses’ genetic material also known as RNA, inside of your body.

“We only do the tests to check if we can detect the RNA of the said virus.”

He went on to give an analogy to help his audience understand it better.

“If someone were to do a DNA test in the room where I’m sitting in, they will find my DNA. When I eventually leave the room, there will still be traces of me in the room so if they were to do a DNA test, the result will be the same.”

“But this doesn’t mean that I’m still there in the room. That’s why we shouldn’t do another PCR test if we’re already positive, because the result will remain the same,” he said.


Jangan noya buat PCR byk byk kali lepas dah positive recently. Ingat ni sampaii mati. Tolong mdno share info ni boleh.?? #covid19 #rtpcr #medicallabscientist #fyp

♬ original sound – Pak Cik Bakar Baharo – Pak Cik Bakar Baharo

Meanwhile, it is reported that some will continue to stay positive for up to 3 months.

Hence, do not panic if you are still tested positive despite having recovered from Covid-19. The virus is no longer active in your body and you’ll not be spreading it to your closed ones.

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