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Pharmacies are out of paracetamol due to the surge in demand

Social NewsPharmacies are out of paracetamol due to the surge in demand

Paracetamol, a medication commonly prescribed to relieve fever and headaches, is reportedly to be short in supply and relatively difficult to find at community pharmacies and convenience stores in the capital as well as several other places.

According to Bernama, a recent survey showed that the drug, especially those of a leading trademark, were sold out due to high demand during the recent rise in Covid-19 numbers.

When contacted, some pharmacists said the shortage is believed to stem from increased purchases for reducing side effects such as fever, joint pain and headaches after receiving booster dose injections.

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) president Amrahi Buang also confirmed the shortage in supply of paracetamol and said the shortage did not only occur in the capital, but also several other states.

Apart from the huge demand for the drug during the surge of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, Amrahi also mentions the possible issues in the supply chain.

Source: Facebook

“I got information from my peers all over the country. This shortage has been going on for several months, and maybe it is happening at the manufacturing or distribution level.”

“Because manufacturing depends on the ingredients or the packaging or logistics, this will affect the availability of stock across the country,” he said.

On social media, netizens had expressed consternation over the matter, saying “Why so difficult to find this (paracetamol), I’ve looked high and low in Bangi, Petaling Jaya and Seremban when I returned to the hometown last week, all out of stock.”

“Came across a Facebook posting that claimed Panadol Actifast is difficult to get now. Yes, I work at GSK and we are out of stock too. There’s a global supply and pandemic issue.” a netizen said.

Nonetheless, this had caused some consumers to seek the drug on online shopping platforms.

Meanwhile, we would like to highlight that it is a good practice to purchase only the amount you need and avoid stocking up, as it could cause affect those who are in desperate need of the drug.

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