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PM Ismail Sabri claims Brunei Sultan is humble while sharing a photo of him driving a Hummer in his home, but Malaysians disagree

Social NewsPM Ismail Sabri claims Brunei Sultan is humble while sharing a photo...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri has recently gone on a 2-day official visit to Brunei Darussalam and had an audience with the Sultan of Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, at Istana Nurul Iman.

During his trip, he shared a picture on Twitter of the Sultan driving him around his house on a Hummer on a red carpet and he wrote in the caption “Sultan is ‘humble’ and friendly.”

Meanwhile, the tweet had gone viral among Malaysians and Bruneians, garnering over 1,700 likes and 300 shares, with Malaysian netizens slamming the PM for claiming that the Sultan of Brunei is ‘humble’.

“Really? Your version of humble is only understood by you… then for us that take the bus, lrt, stuck in traffic or walk in the rain and burning sun is that called pathetic? What kind of PM are you,” a netizen said.

“Driving a Hummer on a red carpet, that’s so humble.” another netizen said with sarcasm.

Source: Facebook

However, Bruneians disagree with Malaysians and slammed us for criticising their Sultan.

“At least we have free healthcare and free PCR tests,” said one Bruneian.

“Malaysians, you can say whatever you want to your Prime Minister, not to our Sultan.” another Bruneian said.

Some even said that while the Sultan of Brunei is driving inside his huge palace, the citizens of Brunei are well taken care of too.

They then turned to slap Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and our ministers for embezzling government money.

What do you think about this? Do you think this can be described as humble? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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