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Netizens slammed local influencer Bryan Wee for allegedly insulting the Johor Royals by dressing skimpily at the iconic crown arch

Social NewsNetizens slammed local influencer Bryan Wee for allegedly insulting the Johor Royals...

Local social media personality Bryan Wee is known for his skimpy dressing and his bold moves in the public for content creation. However, his bold moves had got him into trouble this time after they allegedly dress skimpily while paying a visit to the Johor Royal Palace.

Last night (17 February), influencers Bryan Wee and Deacon Chai uploaded 6 photos of themselves and a 10-second video on their Facebook page but was soon taken down due to the massive backlash they received.

In the post, they can be seen dressing in sexy outfits, with Bryan wearing a yellow sleeveless crop top, shorts and blue underwear, while Deacon wearing a see-through white dress tulle suspender skirt with a blue panty.

Source: Facebook

The 2 influencers can also be seen taking photos with different poses, such as the princess hugging, holding hands, and even kissing each other.

These photos and videos were taken at the iconic crown arch at the entrance of Istana Bukit Serene, which marks Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar’s coronation.

The photos and video went viral and had garnered over 2,300 likes just within an hour before it was taken down.

However, this did not go well with the netizens and they accused both Bryan and Deacon of insulting the people of Johor and the Sultan of Johor for acting and dressing inappropriately in such a place.

Source: Facebook

A netizen even tagged the Johor Crown Prince Fan Club, the Johor Crown Prince, and the Royal Malaysian Police in his comment to alert the authorities to take action against them.

Meanwhile, China Press reported that the police had launched an investigation into the matter, but no further details were given on the investigation.

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