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Man deducted $1 from Fiancee’s Valentine’s day gift every time she shouted at him

A man has shared on social media that he deducted $1 from his fiancee’s Valentine’s Day gift fund every day she shouted at him.

Isaac Ramirez, from Santa Paula, wrote in the video:

Last year I put $360 away for my fiance’s valentine gift. But I took away $1 every day she yelled at me. Now her gift limit is $40 and I saved myself $320.

He added the caption:

Now all she’s getting is flowers and chocolates.

It has caused a big debate online:

  • y’all are more upset about him taking money from her gift than potential emotional abuse
  • I did this and she owes me money now smh
  • Bet you if it was the other way round it be yassss queen
  • I’m no expert, but is this a healthy way to behave in a relationship?
  • It’s time to find a new girl if she yelling at you 320 days of the year
  • Nah bro don’t forget to take out for taxes that $40 is really like 32.68

He replied to the commenters asking him to add money whenever his fiance did something nice with a video:

She did my laundry yesterday but she still yelled at me so now her total is at $39.50.

He also replied to the comments with a video in which you can hear a woman yelling. Watch the video below.


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