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Woman calls ‘yusheng’ a salad, sparks mixed reactions from netizens

This Lunar New Year, probably you’ve tossed a couple of yusheng with your family, friends, and even your co-workers. Even though half of the food always ends up on the table, it’s fun, it brings people together, and it brings prosperity for all.

Well, while you were shouting your “Huat ah! Huat ah!“, and lifting your chopsticks higher and higher, one woman was enjoying this cultural dish as a salad.

The woman, Larabella Myers, posted a TikTok of her eating a plate of yusheng, also called yee sang, on a video captioned: “Just having my salad for lunch”.

The British-Italian woman jokingly said she got all her nutrients from the dish, naming the ingredients she saw. She did get a couple of them correct like radishes and carrots, two common ingredients in yusheng.

She mistook the crunchy bits that are often seen in yusheng — you know, the one everyone tries to steal the second everyone can start eating — as croutons, and she called the bak kwa, or rou gan, sausage.

This gained a reaction from her Singaporean boyfriend, as he quickly questioned: “Did you just call it sausage?!” in the background.

The comment section was rather amusing as TikTok users were divided between agreeing with her point of view, or being totally against it.

Some came to a revelation that wait…maybe yusheng is a salad after all.

But some were so taken aback by it, expressing disbelief at the interpretation of this seasonal dish.

In her defense, the bak kwa came with the yusheng pack!

While this little video sparked mixed reactions, it was probably meant to be humorous, so take it with a pinch of salt! She was clearly making a jab to tease her boyfriend. Larabella even responded jokingly to some of the comments, so cool your jets, people! All in good fun.


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