Thursday, December 1, 2022

PKR claims irregularities in Johor polls after ‘deceased’ and ‘expired’ voters found in electoral roll

NewsPKR claims irregularities in Johor polls after ‘deceased’ and ‘expired’ voters found...

The Johor state election will soon be held, but PKR is crying foul after it claims of irregularities in the electoral roll set to be used for the upcoming Johor polls.

According to party election director Fuziah Salleh, she claimed to have received multiple reports from Pakatan Harapan (PH) components of oddities in voters’ names that were gazetted in the rolls and among them were names listed as “deceased” and “expired”.

In a statement, Fuziah said she had checked the Election Commission’s (EC) website using samples of NRIC numbers already in the electoral roll and found the claims to be true.

Source: Facebook

She also shared the screenshots of the 2 voters with irregularities in their personal data.

“I urge the EC to issue an open statement on the integrity of the electoral roll data that has been gazetted. How can the EC gazette data, involving 5.8 million voters, of which their authenticity is questioned?”

“Will the Johor election result be compromised due to these irregularities?” she asked.

Besides that, Fuziah also questioned the EC for the high cost to obtain the electoral roll, despite being free in the past.

She then explained that EC used to prepare the roll every quarter and display it for free to be checked by political parties and the general public in the past if they wish to file objections before the roll is gazetted.

However, this is no longer the case and the electoral roll has to be purchased at a very expensive price and political parties are no longer allowed to check the authenticity of the roll.

“We are forced to accept it at face value, and if we want to check, we have to pay a high cost. It is proven today that there are oddities in the latest December 2021 electoral roll,” she said.

The Johor state election is set on 12 March with nominations set on 26 February. Early voting will take place on 8 March.


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