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VIP Convoy hit M’sian side mirror for not switching lanes despite it being too dangerous

It remains an unspoken rule that ambulances and emergency services should be prioritized and given way for on the road, in Malaysia, it seems that there are more “important” people that we should make way for.

VIP convoys have long been a cause of debate, especially as many people think that they should not be given the authority to make others make way for them.

In a Twitter post shared by user @FannnF, he detailed his recent experience in dealing with such convoys.

He writes, “This VIP convoy tried to damage my car because I was not going to the left lane.”

He also stated that one of the escorts had even hit his side mirror. “I don’t know whether it’s the police or body guard who hit my side mirror.”

“The traffic was dangerous and they told me to change lanes last minute and expect us to just go to the left lane which could cause me to hit another car.”

He went on to tag PDRM and questioned them on what VIP trip is that important that it could danger other highway users.

The incident happened on the Elite Highway near to the Bandar Saujana Putra exit.


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