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M’sians think that tight cycling outfit inappropriate for female cyclist

Social NewsM'sians think that tight cycling outfit inappropriate for female cyclist

It is common for cyclist to put on tight attire to reduce drag acting on them during cycling. However, this tight outfit had sparked a huge debate among netizens, especially among the Muslims.

According to a report by Kosmo, some netizens think that it is inappropriate for Muslim cyclists to put on such tight attire and accused them of showing off their bodies for the sake of content for their social media account.

“I’m baffled. They’re not even cycling that far. They stop by the lamppost immediately to take videos for their TikTok.” a netizen was quoted saying by Kosmo.

Source: Beautiful Nara

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out that it would be a problem if their husbands allowed their wives to dress like this.

Some suggested that there are better alternatives with loose clothes for cycling outfits where these cyclists can opt for.

Source: Kosmo

Men are the ‘victims’

As the debate heats, some men feel that they are the ‘victim’ in this case as they have to intentionally avoid the sight of such outfits.

“Is this a free marketing to your private assets? Pity us men when we have to lower our sights from such outfits. We are not as strong as preachers.” according to an article by Keluarga.

In addition, the opinions are not limited to only women but male cyclists were mentioned in the comments.

“Sometimes it’s hard to talk to them when their tight outfits make their private parts a bit obvious. I know you guys want to be fast but you’re not even competing in the Olympics.” it said.

While tight cycling outfits may be against the principles in the religion, there are a number of reasons why the outfits are designed in such a manner, such as for comfort and safety.

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