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Local café chain being slammed for discriminating a disabled job applicant, apologises and promise to give equal opportunity

Source: Twitter

Workplace discrimination is a thing in Malaysia and it is especially so for the disabled.

Recently, a Twitter user @hairul1992 shared the discrimination he experience when applying for a job at one of the famous local coffee shops, ZUS Coffee. Unfortunate for him, the interview did not go well and left him questioning if it was a sin to be differently-abled. 

In the WhatsApp conversation he shared, it is understood that @hairul1992 applied for a job at ZUS Coffee but it took a quick turn after he told the recruiter that he was deaf.

Source: Twitter

After sharing the information about his disability to the staff, the staff alleged ignoring his message for about 3 hours before telling him that the application was closed.

The incident went viral on social media with many criticising the café chain for the alleged discrimination. Netizens said that such incidents should not happen as the differently abled are also human beings like us.

Meanwhile, ZUS Coffee had responded to the criticism and said an investigation had been launched to address this issue.

It explained that there had been a miscommunication between the recruiter and the netizen, adding that the lack of experience the recruiter has in dealing with such situations.

ZUS Coffee had also assures that the recruiter will apologise to the netizen personally and reach out to him with available positions at other outlets.

It added that the company does not tolerate any form of discrimination and have always give equal opportunities to all.

Kudos for ZUS Coffee for handling the situation with professionalism!

That said, we hope that more efforts will be implemented to reduce discrimination at work, be it gender or disablement.

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