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17 YO M’sian animal rescuer attempts suicide after schoolmates bullied and called him “dirty & smelly”

Social News17 YO M'sian animal rescuer attempts suicide after schoolmates bullied and called...

Bullying is still a massive issue in our country and unfortunately, these incidents are not reducing despite the action taken.

In a heart-wrenching post, Animal Lovers Independent Rescuers (ALIR) shared that one of their teenage volunteers attempted suicide after being bullied by his schoolmates over his love for animals.

According to ALIR, one of their long-term young animal caretakers Ed (a pseudonym) was admitted to the hospital after overdosing on pills and leaving behind a suicide note. He was found unconscious in his room by his brother and was rushed to the hospital.


“He spent over 50 hours at the ER, accompanied by our founder who cried and prayed so hard for miracle from God. He was in critical condition and no sign of improvement.” the post said.

Fortunately, his condition turned better and was transferred out of emergency and has recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital. ALIR added that Ed will need to continue his therapy and medical checkups.

According to ALIR, Ed has been taking care of stray animals for more than 10 years, ever since he was 7-years-old. Apart from volunteering at ALIR, he also lives at home with around 50 rescued dogs.

Source: R.age

However, his love for animals turned him into a victim of intense bullying from schoolmates.

“They been teasing him and calling him dirty, smelly and laughed at him whenever they see him. Some kids even threw his lunch box in a bin and left him starving during recess.”

“He did tell the teachers but non never really listen to him and asked him to deal with the situation himself,” ALIR said, adding that Ed kept everything to himself and has never told anyone as he didn’t want to burden his family with his problems at school.

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“Caring for animals is one of his ways to escape from all the traumatising episodes and been dealing with severe depression all these years without proper help and treatment.” ALIR said.

“Everyone has their limit… instead of hurting others, he ended up ‘hurting’ himself.”

“Bully is never OKAY. Just because we are living under one roof with our rescued animals doesn’t makes us different from any of you. We just want to protect our rescued fur friends and treat them just how we wish people to treat us,” concluded the post.

We hope that Ed will recover and walk out of this tragic memory as soon as possible and this story will be able to inspire more to stand up against bullying.

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