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Watch: Woman confronts street cleaner who sweeps rubbish into drains instead of picking them up

In December 2021, Malaysians were horrified by the devastating floods that had hit several parts of Malaysia and had cost us massive billions of losses and several lives.

It was later discovered that our drainage systems were one of the main causes of the flood, which does not function properly due to the blockages.

With this, the flood also served as an important warning for us to not throw things into our drains so water will flow properly and efficiently.

Source: Twitter

However, what if the people we rely on to clean our streets and drains were those who are responsible for clogging them up even more?

The Inforoadblock Facebook page had recently shared a series of videos of a woman confronting a street cleaner after he allegedly swept all the rubbish, leaves and twigs from the roadside into a drain at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

“Viral videos of an Alam Flora cleaner sweeping rubbish and dumping it down the drain. Where is the supervisor who monitors these workers?” it wrote in the caption of the post.

In the video, the woman can be heard confronting the cleaner and his colleague. She then told his colleague to show the cleaner how to sweep the rubbish towards the sidewalk, instead of towards the curb where the drain opening is located.

After that, the colleague used the opposite end of their broom to dig out all of the leaves, twigs and rubbish that the cleaner had initially swept into.

“This attitude cannot be tolerated because such acts clog the drain and if it rains, it will cause flash floods,” said the post.

We hope that the authorities will look into this matter seriously and start supervising their street cleaners to ensure that they do not contribute to another potential flood.

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