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Statistics showed there are more men than women in Malaysia

According to the Department Of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), the 2020 Population and Housing Census concluded that there are approximately 17 million male in Malaysia as opposed to the females which are only 15.5 million. This makes the total population of Malaysia to 32.4 million people.

“52.3% of Malaysia’s population are men and 47.7% are women, making the ratio between men and women here 110 to 100,” said the Prime Minister earlier today at the launch of the Report on Key Findings of Population and Housing Census 2020 at MSU, Shah Alam.

He further added that the only state that has the female population surpassing the male is the Federal Territory of Putrajaya with a ratio of 96 males to 100 females. Perlis almost followed after suit with slightly more population of female to male but still with a ratio of 100 to 100.

In case you can’t quite comprehend the ratio, having this number means that there are 1.5 MILLION more men than women in Malaysia. Now that sounds like a big difference, doesn’t it?

This gender imbalance has been the case even in 2010, where the ratio are 106 men to 100 women.

This generally means that there’s just not enough females for the male for the time being. Hence, nobody is pointing at you guys for not having a girlfriend yet, gentlemen. It’s just the stats.


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